Finding Hope & Identity in a World of Stereotypes

boyAsk yourself: Are all boys defined by snails and dog tails? And are all girls sugary nice? Is a boy not truly “all boy” if he is a percentage sugar or spice?

Steve shares his story and how he struggled for years with the often commonplace idea that masculinity is defined by athleticism, brawn, hunting, and toughness. At an early age, he began his search for identity and examined the discourses of Christian books on the topic of masculinity and found excerpts that made him question his identity and his Creator.

What does the Bible say about masculinity? How has culture or Christianity defined or dictated our gender stereotypes? Is there room for the boys and men who don’t seem to fit the macho mold? Have we bought into the snips and snails mentality and other precarious tales? In a world of bullied masculine ideals and expectations, the correct answer is not to “man up.”

Join Steve as he investigates the Scriptures, explores the stories of others, shares several contemporary articles and quotes, and continues to ask the hard questions about masculinity.

This book drops the idea of failure and compassionately addresses the personal, practical, and biblical issues surrounding masculine identity and offers hope amidst a world of macho stereotypes. We need a revival of men of conviction, strength, vision, and courage BUT we will not change a thing if we hide behind our own masks of togetherness and toughness.

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This book in not just for boys and men BUT mothers, fathers, wives, youth pastors, men’s ministry leaders, mentors and anyone else who believes that Everyone’s Story Matters!


  1. The reader will find his identity in Christ and learn to live passionately with his unique God-given abilities.
  2. The reader will feel the compassion and understanding they have longed to receive from the church.
  3. The reader will navigate with the author through the many cultural masculinity misconceptions.
  4. While recognizing their story in the pages of Not A Male Fail, the reader will discover compelling Biblical encouragement.
  5. The wide variety of quotes, stories, statistics and insight will encourage and inspire the reader to be vulnerable and enjoy the abundant life that Christ offers.
  6. The reader will receive practical advice for all of his relations and friendships.