“Like Father Like Son” Book Review


“I agree that boys have to learn to survive and thrive in a broken world with a lot of jagged edges that cut and slash. But what a boy needs from his father is not shame-training, but his embrace”

On my book writing adventure on Christianity and masculinity, I have traversed many articles and books on the topic of being a man and masculine identity. I quite often found myself wandering and incomplete rather than enlightened and free. This is not the case with Pete Alwinson’s new book “Like Father Like Son.” Purchase your copy here.

After forty years of ministering to men, Pete shares (through well though out words and strengthening quotes Scriptures) the importance of love and a relationship with our heavenly father that changes everything for a man.

Many of us struggle to learn how to be a man because we were abandoned in different ways by the most important man in our lives – our fathers. The pain is real and we start our search on trying to figure it all out. Alwinson explains that quite a few young men have been hurt to a point of complacency and confusion and “aren’t taking charge of their lives and instead are passively waiting for life and a career to happen to them.” So, what do we do about it?

o2cjFNwNloHckCmVmkZ_83CeAZoHyGaM3mmdjY2plN3RDhf7fk59pb8w6s-PeKOx1XVqwVeuE9Ora9pq9Gm1gS_jaUlGgqJGoNIYBG8qB2SglTjhAVxm8eioXafU=s0-d-e1-ftOur earthly dads have focused on “actions of manhood” instead of love. The author vividly demonstrates the scenario when explaining that many young men feel like an “it” instead of a son. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! Pete reminds us that our “value is only as high as our current owner.” When the owner changes, our value changes. It’s should be about who we are in Christ. Our identity is defined by our relationship with Him!

Our life is all about a new adventure in seeing our heavenly father in everything! When a man embraces the fact that he is a special creation and image-bearer his core identity is strengthened realizing his great “incomparable worth and high status.”

I highly recommend this outstanding book. Be prepared to find some great advice as a man and father in the areas of acceptance, approval, addictions, life adventure and more! I received this book for free from the publisher (New Growth Press) through Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange of my honest opinion.




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