To Boldly Tweet





Young businessman drawing social media facebook and twitter communication concept. Isolated on white.

I didn’t give details because I’m not ready to and because others can possibly relate to something NOT so specific?

I am a man, a husband and father. I am writing a book on masculinity and Christianity.

I’m experiencing much more freedom as I share and heal BUT . . .

(today’s tweets)
I’m slowly learning to free myself from the man box
BUT still holding back
What will they say about me if
I truly embrace MY masculinity?

The things I want so badly
I find myself afraid
It’s all new
I’m insecure

I am growing forward

They are my feelings
BUT I’m sure
I’m not the ONLY one
Tell me (if you’re out there)
Can you relate?
Is it too late?
What is our fate?


3 thoughts on “To Boldly Tweet

      • I’m sure. You’re not alone. Every woman I know says her husband has no friends, but they all want friends. I imagine it just takes a LOT of time to figure out how to get comfortable. Of course, risking your lives together seems to be the most reliable way to get men to bond 😕

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