Embracing Your MALE FAIL? Story

It was brought to my attention that the name MALE FAIL? might come across as negative and give the wrong impression. After much contemplation, I decided to use the term because it IS negative, because it might grab the reader’s attention, and because for many (like me), they’ve asked that very question: “Have I failed at being male?”

It’s been a scary thing posting my feelings and thoughts and being honest about my “masculinity failings.” It wasn’t encouraging or positively therapeutic to post a #tbt on instagram with the URL malefail.org plastered across the front of my body this morning. BUT, I’m learning to embrace my MALE FAIL? story. WHY? Because I have learned to find my identity not in what man, religion, culture, or society expects from me but in Christ alone.

I also believe that if I felt this way over the years, than there has to be others who could relate. Maybe my story and my questions can help those who struggle with their own “masculinity”. There may be a parent out there who wonders if their boy is okay because he prefers the color pink OR maybe you have two boys and they’re both different and you’d like to speak up.

And so, I am embracing my MALE FAIL? story. Your story (as a male, parent, or spouse) also matters. I believe there are encouraging lessons and stories of hope from others out there and I’d love to share some on my blog.

1) Would you consider being a guest author? It’s simple. Send me an email at notamalefail@gmail.com and then when you have the time: write out your thoughts, feelings, or stories and send them my way!

2) Maybe you’ve never felt this way but you know someone who could be a great guest author on the blog, send their email my way and I’ll contact them!

Embrace your story!




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